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The economic challenges facing today’s analytical laboratory are numerous: increasing workload, decreasing turnaround time, increasing quality requirements, decreasing reimbursement rates. ASCENT dramatically improves the technical efficiency of your laboratory, but how does that translate into the performance of your business? Rethinking the total workflow from samples-in to reports-out, building on sophisticated and robust statistics and capitalizing on what that can mean for the data and result review activities, means that an enormous reduction in turnaround time and cost of analysis can be achieved. Fewer manual modifications are required, trusted results are presented quickly and at your convenience, and instrument operator time is focused on only those areas which need their attention - software automation takes care of the rest. Taking these factors together, our customers are certifying batches in as much as 80% less time than they previously took. Those time savings mean real financial benefits - lower internal cost per sample, the ability to market your services on the basis of faster turnaround time, increased operational capacity without having to add additional staff, and more profitability for your lab, along with its potential to grow.

* Values presented are based on industry averages of prevailing rates, and are only estimates. For a more detailed financial overview, please contact us.

What makes ASCENT not just different, but better

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One Lab. One Quality Standard.

Unified multi-instrument methods with customized quality assurance rules.

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Software. Everywhere.

Access the full power of ASCENT wherever, whenever it’s right for you.

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Better Science. Beyond Vision.

Reveal the true chromatographic data and accelerate your workflow.

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Not Data Review. Releview.

Stop wading through thousands of plots – prioritize, identify exceptions, certify.

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Samples In. Reports Out.

LIS-oriented report formats and styles, designed to end manual transcription.

It is time to elevate your laboratory.

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