At Indigo, we are creating revolutionary software that will help save lives. Our employees are thought leaders and visionaries. We are a community of passionate and skilled individuals working together to change an industry.  Given that ambition, we rely on our teams every day to make their number one priority delivering cutting-edge products to our clients.  And we've created an environment which provides an unparalleled level of support.

Indigo Culture

We believe that innovation requires creating space for team members to do their best work, which includes minimizing typical organizational distractions. We don't do annual reviews. Instead, mentoring and regular 1:1 coaching provides the feedback and support for team members to grow their skills and their impact. Our promotions are based on applied skills, not on years of experience. Compensation is transparently linked to position rather than tied to an indecipherable system of internal reviews and negotiations.

Be a contributor in advancing the art of medicine and other industries. Connect with a talented and passionate team. Learn from and mentor others. Bring in or grab lunch to enjoy daily lunchtime table banter with scientists, engineers and other team members. Join your teammates for Friday team lunches and special company events. Plus, free caffeine and snacks.

If you want to work someplace that will challenge you to reach the next level, while helping to launch products that matter, then we want to talk with you.

Indigo Values

Every Player Has Power

Anything is possible here. There's a vast knowledge base, and different people have different areas of expertise. To create the best possible products and have the most productive environment, we encourage everyone to be open to sharing, teaching, learning and growing. Our people are our best assets. Get together and make something great.

Don't Talk About It, Be About It

Here, we trust that everyone is committed to progress. We take ownership and have pride in our work. Our work is only as good as the team behind it. It is important that everyone has the integrity to deliver on our commitments and the perseverance to move past any obstacle. We count on everyone.

Excellence Is The Standard

Indigo BioAutomation only produces quality results. Each of us works to constantly improve our future based on what we've learned from the past. We strive to be accurate, reliable, and committed to improvement.

Invention With Intention

Our employees are thought leaders and visionaries. We create innovative solutions. Our knowledge base and creativity is the cornerstone of our company; fostering those ideas is critical to our success as the market leader. Innovation is the core of our business and the center of our daily work.