Indigo Announces New Partnership with ApolloLIMS to Streamline LC/MS Workflow

October 18, 2014

Apollo and Indigo Biosystems collaborate to create improved approach to clinical toxicology and reference lab LC/MS data processing and results reporting.

Indianapolis, IN., September 29, 2014 – Indigo Biosystems and ApolloLIMS have announced a partnership to build close connectivity between each company’s products in the laboratory workflows for complex LC/MS assays. The close relationship between the companies and the two software platforms, ASCENT and ApolloLIMS, has broad applications in the clinical research, forensic toxicology and reference laboratory markets. It will allow customers that implement both ASCENT and ApolloLIMS to reduce the data review and quality inspection compared to traditional processes and provides a smooth and efficient results reporting workflow.

Indigo’s ASCENT software supports that scientist by applying sophisticated software automation to the processing, reviewing and reporting of quantitative mass spectrometry applications. ASCENT dramatically accelerates the overall workflow by highlighting problematic results and outliers for expert review. A rigorous peak processing algorithm reveals the true chromatographic data in complex samples, and a system of automated quality assurance checks provides an overarching and unified quality standard across the lab. The ASCENT system can operate with a wide variety of manufacturer instrumentation, through a web browser, providing a comprehensive data automation suite in which quantified results are available anywhere, and delivered quickly, consistently and reliably.

The ApolloLIMS is an enterprise software solution that enables labs to operate maximally. Utilizing native components, ApolloLIMS offers higher levels of integration than software systems that use third party tools. By being Rules based instead of hard coded, Apollo allows you to manage your business rather than dictating how you must operate. ApolloLIMS has been adapted into numerous industries by being flexible. Customizations and localizations are handled at the database level allowing the core product to remain standard. The Apollo Schema has been developed around a concept known as a “versionized database” which allows for a forensically defensible audit trail – all of the original and changed data is present at the same time.

This partnership will allow users of both ASCENT and ApolloLIMS to take advantage of ASCENT’s powerful automated quantitation without compromising efficiency when creating custom reports in the LIMS. Having a seamless connection between the quantitation tool and the reporting platform will give labs the power to create streamlined workflows and operate efficiently.

Dr. Randall Julian, CEO of Indigo BioSystems said, “We are leveraging our integration with ApolloLIMS to provide our customers with a complete, efficient, end-to-end software system that delivers value through automation, speed and ease of reporting.”

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