Indigo BioAutomation trains IBM's Watson

April 16, 2015

Indigo BioAutomation has trained IBM's Watson to detect and predict potential problems with lab operations.

Indianapolis, IN., April 15, 2015 – Indigo BioAutomation, the leader in automated analytics for clinical research, announced today that it has successfully trained IBM’s Watson to detect and predict potential problems with lab operations before they occur. Indigo’s goal is to use advanced automation to help labs improve quality, reduce health care costs and deliver test results faster.

Indigo released the latest version of its flagship product, ASCENT™ series 3, last year. ASCENT is an innovative and transformative system that automates the processing and review of complex lab test data. ASCENT generates a large number of detailed lab operation parameters in real time. In preliminary studies, Indigo has been able to train Watson on real-time output from ASCENT and utilizing Watson’s advanced analytical capabilities, make predictions about the future quality of results, allowing lab personnel to take early corrective action.

Indigo’s CEO and Founder, Randall K. Julian, Jr. Ph.D., is encouraged about what this means for the health care industry as a whole. “Early health care tests of Watson have focused on disease diagnosis. Since we work with laboratories all over the country, we were looking for a way to scale analytics to include the largest check-up tests in the United States.” Dr. Julian concluded, “While it is still early, this means that intelligent machines can have an impact on more than just disease diagnosis; they can have an impact on wellness.”

Indigo BioAutomation is an Indianapolis, Indiana based company that provides automated analytics for clinical research. Since 2008, Indigo has been leading the charge in clinical research automation. Leading clinical, reference and toxicology laboratories have benefited from Indigo’s innovative and transformative automation system, ASCENT™.