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Indigo Biosystems is now Indigo BioAutomation


Indigo Biosystems changes company name to Indigo BioAutomation: new name, same commitment

Indianapolis, IN., March 24, 2015 – Indigo Biosystems has formally changed its company name to Indigo BioAutomation.  Customers of Indigo’s flagship SaaS product, ASCENT, have been contacted and informed that there have been no changes in ownership, leadership, or staffing at the company.  Indigo’s customers will continue to benefit, in an uninterrupted manner, from the productivity advantages of the ASCENT system.

Indigo BioAutomation’s ASCENT system is a highly automated solution for the processing, reviewing and reporting of chromatography and mass spectrometry data.  The software is used primarily in the clinical, toxicology and reference laboratory market.  With foundational IP in the area of peak processing, ASCENT builds on the initial result review with a series of quality assurance rules designed to reduce or remove manual investigation.  The ASCENT system can operate with a wide variety of manufacturer instrumentation, through a web browser, providing a comprehensive data automation suite in which quantified results are available anywhere, and delivered quickly, consistently and reliably.  ASCENT is widely used in the laboratory testing industry, and has enabled its customers to gain large competitive advantages in the work that they do by taking advantage of Indigo’s advanced software automation expertise. 

Randall Julian, CEO, President, and Founder of Indigo, describes the name change as illustrative of the next step in the evolution of the company.  “During our time as Indigo Biosystems, we added to our technology portfolio, increased our industry knowledge, and successfully delivered many types of systems with a wide range of capabilities,” he said.  “Now, as Indigo BioAutomation, we are recognizing that our most powerful capabilities can be realized in the automation of time consuming manual work with advanced algorithms and software,” he continued.  Dr. Julian added, “We are extremely excited about the prospect of continuing to innovate and help our customers through our focus on the next generations of intelligent automation systems.”