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Whether it’s extensions to current products or the investigation of entirely new ways to bring value to our customers, Indigo’s Professional Services group is another facet of our ability to bring ‘better science’ to what you do every day. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to partner with our customers and have been able to assist many of them in elevating their business performance and technical efficiency in ways that are as powerful as they are elegant.

ASCENT customization helps you extend knowledge across your staff.

When the Indigo team brings ASCENT to a new client, the opportunities for laboratory workflow optimization and enhancement are dramatic. Manual methods that have restrained full instrument utilization are frequently replaced with approaches that are both faster and of higher quality. This optimized method lends itself to a deeper understanding of your operation, which can be integrated into your workflow as additional quality rules. We work with you to capture the sophistication and experience of your most advanced operators for custom rules in ASCENT, extending that knowledge to your entire workforce.

ASCENT outputs the final results in a format that is targeted for direct LIS connection – no manual transcription required. As your laboratory operation changes and grows, you may find a need to further customize or completely change the ASCENT output in order to maximize your efficiency improvements. Whether it’s a small change to the order or style of the current result file format, or a completely new structure and file type, the Indigo Professional Services group stands ready to automate ‘the last mile’ of your analytical results.

New products to help your lab grow.

We are actively seeking new ways to improve laboratory processes. We live for the opportunity to bring advanced statistics, software automation, and artificial intelligence to industries and audiences who can benefit from such radical innovation. We invite you to challenge us with the types of issues that require an expert and innovative partner to explore a better way of doing things.

Lab-wide and company-wide informatics and logistical support.

Building on the hosted nature of ASCENT, Indigo has done deep research into ways individual result sets can be aggregated to identify and create additional value. Knowing how one batch of samples performs on one instrument doing one assay is valuable, but imagine looking at many batches on many instruments performing many assays, and how that can bring insights into your business. This is more than just a report of multiple batch sets. A robust statistical analysis of your laboratory workflow and throughput often leads to a variety of other insights, such as reactive and predictive analytics. Imagine how valuable it would be to get a sense of which instrument is on the verge of going out of production. Imagine how much more responsive you could be if you could re-route your workflow with that knowledge in hand.

Put our depth and breadth of software automation, advanced statistics, and artificial intelligence to work for you.

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