Elevate your laboratory performance.

ASCENT allows your team to truly do more with less. The nation’s largest laboratories have adopted this system to fully automate their chromatography and MS quantitative analysis.

What makes ASCENT not just different, but better?

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One Lab. One Quality Standard.

Unified multi-instrument methods with customized quality assurance rules.

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Software. Everywhere.

Access the full power of ASCENT wherever, whenever it’s right for you.

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Better Science. Beyond Vision.

Reveal the true chromatographic data and accelerate your workflow.

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Not Data Review. Releview.

Stop wading through thousands of plots – prioritize, identify exceptions, certify.

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Samples In. Reports Out.

LIS-oriented report formats and styles, designed to end manual transcription.

Streamlined, Results-Driven Automation

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ASCENT is a powerful tool that can elevate your laboratory's production.

Industry-renowned mass spec specialists, chromatographers, chemists, and engineers joined to produce ASCENT – a scientifically and technologically advanced software that addresses the future of the laboratory market. Their goal: “Do more with less.”
LC/MS is one of the most advanced and powerful instruments available, but its data is difficult to interpret. ASCENT was founded on a sophisticated peak-picker that would ease the pain of LC/MS data review and improve adoption. In practical use, it has become so much more.

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Trusted by...

  • Top research and reference laboratories in the country
  • Mass spectrometry academic community
  • Government and hospital laboratories
  • Major instrument vendors
  • Largest producers of chromatographic data in the U.S.

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