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It’s time for labs to say goodbye to legacy laboratory automation software. ​

Elevate your lab’s performance with ASCENT.

Chromatography and mass spectrometry are complex. You need more than standard LC MS analysis software.

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When you are asked to amplify your lab’s performance you need more
than standard PCR data analysis software.

Automation in health-related laboratories frees human experts from repetitive and hectic jobs to do what humans do best: work in teams to accomplish what no one person can do by themselves. Indigo has deep expertise in instrumentation, laboratory process automation, “big” data analysis, and the utilization of advanced algorithms to drive collaboration in clinical laboratory environments.

In All Things, Small Things.

Make incremental changes that lead to giant leaps forward in lab performance, giving you confidence that the results your lab is producing can accelerate the journey to a healthier and happier world.

See How We Helped One Lab Reduce Review Times By 75%.
Imagine what your team could achieve with all that extra time!

One Lab. One Quality Standard.

Unified multi-instrument methods with quality rules built on your lab SOP.

Today’s analytical laboratory is often characterized by two things: a vibrant and diverse team of individuals running on a limited (or even singular) platform of instrumentation with a dedicated data system….

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Software. Anywhere.

Every way you want it to be.

Several of Indigo's products are provided as hosted SaaS (software as a service) systems, which provide flexibility and freedom for you to access your data from anywhere, at any time...

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Better Science. Beyond Vision.

AI, ML and other big data analysis providing insights into operational transformation.

Indigo uses advanced algorithms and high-performance computing systems to automatically analyze complex data in clinical and life science laboratories. Our first products have used models of the physics…

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Not Data Review. Releview.

Highlighting exceptions, sharing context, guiding actions.

When you think about laboratory oversight, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Information – lots and lots of information. Why have you been having to manually wade through all…

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Samples In. Insights Out.

Integrate all possible sources of information to accelerate turn around time and maximize efficiencies.

As powerful and fluid as the processing and reviewing activities of any system may be, it’s the final leg of the journey – reporting – that releases your valuable work as meaningful and useful information…

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Collaboration. Transformation.

Fostering more meaningful, relevant and effective communication across your whole lab.

Releasing high quality results at a high operational tempo with high confidence requires the active coordination of a number of agents and systems in the laboratory.  Multiple instruments are involved…

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We Don’t Create Software To Replace Humans.

We attempt hard things to improve the lives of laboratorians, clinicians and the patients they serve. Find out more about our team and our job openings.

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MLM: ASCENT Product Spotlight

Article by Josh Corbin, CLS The use of ASCENT has helped streamline and improve the operations of our LC-MS/MS workflow with a marked decrease in result turnaround times and sample repeats.

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Using Advanced Software to Speed Diagnostic Testing

Interview with Pallavi Upadhyay, PhD on how automating analytical data analysis enables significant increases in sample volume.

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Quality Rules in Context for Complex LC-MS Assays

Effective quality rules are a critical component in LC- MS/MS to manage this complexity.


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