ASCENT has been a huge time-saving tool for us. The best part is that we don’t waste time reviewing analytically sound data. Instead, we can focus more on the troublesome samples and peaks.

Andrew Clark

Director of Toxicology
CAL Laboratory Services

Samples In.
Results Out.

As powerful and fluid as the processing and reviewing activities of ASCENT may be, it’s the final leg of the journey – reporting – that releases your valuable work as meaningful and useful information for your customers. A well-structured report turns an analysis request into income for your company.

All too often, incumbent data systems can leave you wanting in this last step. A variety of reports may be available, but they simply modify one static view of the results into another. Manually transcribing results from either a screen or a printed page is a tedious, time-consuming process that is also subject to potential human error. Isn’t this the type of work for which computers were invented?

Streamlining reporting and making the reports more accessible and easier to archive.

ASCENT streamlines this activity as well as it does all other analytical operations. ASCENT’s reporting capabilities mean an end to the days of manual transcription, and getting buried in paper reports. Eliminating paper reports will result in a direct cost savings in your lab and lead to a more advanced workflow. Results are available in formats (such as CSV or XML) which are directly available to your Laboratory Information System (LIS). Whether your LIS is a commercial product or one that was developed in-house, customized report outputs can be defined and provided by the ASCENT team.

Reporting the results to the LIS and then on to the customer is sometimes considered the end of the journey, but that’s only from the immediate task at hand. Beyond the analysis request itself, the analytical data need to live on and be available in a format which supports a variety of subsequent activities, such as internal QA/QC audits or legal considerations. ASCENT has focused on the full lifetime and utility of the results. ASCENT’s secure PDF archive provides a complete record of analysis for audit and legal requirements. All method information, sample descriptions, and calculated values are preserved in the PDF archive, along with a full audit trail of any changes made during the review and certification processes. Like the automated result file, this PDF archive file can be downloaded and stored at your convenience; alternatively, the PDF archive file can be maintained by Indigo on its hosted servers. ASCENT takes you all the way from samples entering the system to reports making their way to their end users… and beyond.

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