ARQ learns your SOP so your scientists can spend less time managing processing details and reviewing non-relevant data. Unleash the potential of your team by extending knowledge across the entire laboratory workforce.


Releasing high-quality results in a timely operational tempo and with complete confidence requires active coordination among agents and systems across the laboratory. Multiple instruments and processes are involved—sample preparation, liquid handling, sample analyzer, LIS, etc.—each with a story to tell beyond just the acquired data. Technicians and scientists, as well as individuals in quality assurance, regulatory, and business roles, each have value and important context to add.

Bringing everything and everyone together frequently involves a wide array of approaches, some formal and some… informal. While communication is often cited as an area of perennial improvement, more is not always better: there are emails, text messages, phone calls, messaging apps, and sometimes even walkie-talkies!

Indigo BioAutomation believes collaborative automation, coupled with insightful data analytics, can foster more meaningful, relevant, and effective communication with improved laboratory performance for all stakeholders.

Our products are focused on making laboratory instruments as transparent and communicative as possible. At a higher level, systems allow entire laboratory operations—with all their complexities—to create true teammates between instruments and colleagues. The biggest victory is improving collaboration and making the lab itself a better collaborator in the overall healthcare system. The key is bringing this capability to where the organization is right now and melding with existing systems to provide advantages based on current lab capabilities and future goals.

Indigo BioAutomation helps labs transform for the better with the right combination of reliable results and tools that enhance communication inside and outside the lab.

The discovery of breakthrough measurement technology will continue. Our job is to make it possible to integrate those measurements into the lab as smoothly and quickly as possible. Regardless of the complexity of the technologies, new equipment must be able to collaborate with other devices, softwares, and the healthcare professionals responsible for providing answers to a patient’s critical care questions.

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