Randall K. Julian, Jr.

Randall K. Julian, Jr., Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Randy Julian is CEO, President, and Founder of Indigo BioAutomation (originally, Indigo Biosystems) located in Indiana. Randy earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue University in 1993 and then worked in Discovery Chemistry at Eli Lilly for 14 years. Randy founded Indigo based on informatics technology developed in his research group. Dr. Julian led Indigo from its founding to profitability, building a world class management, engineering and research team to commercialize laboratory data analysis software.

Dr. Julian is a frequent speaker in the mass spectrometry community and teaches short courses in statistics and data analysis. Randy is the past Chairman of the Human Proteome Organization’s Proteomics Standards Initiative Steering Group where he coauthored two international standards for analytical data. He was also the chairman of the ASTM committee on analytical data standards. Dr. Julian also maintains an active research relationship with the faculty at Purdue University where he is an Adjunct Professor of Chemistry.